I have graduated the Culinary School in Tarnowskie Mountains. During 1985-2005 I was working in many bars, Hotels, cafeterias, discos and pubs enriching my bartending knowledge. I have begun my adventure with professional bartending succesfully passing the „Bartender – Mixer” II degree exam 11 of april 1996 in Park Hotel in Olsztyn.
The promoter of that course was Polish Bartender Association and the lecteurer was the master Zdzisław T. Nowicki. In may 1996 I have joined PBA – SPB as a random member of that association. In september same year I was participating First Polish Convention of Bartenders in Pułtusk(Dom polonii), where unoficially I have started my „freestyle” carrier, showing some tricks in front of South Team(my first contact with flair was at a turn of 1991/1992. October ’96 brought me first success- I achieved III place of 70 other bartender in prestiguous competition of Hennessy Congac. I recieved the Diploma of Hennessy’s Ambassador. In autumn 1997 I have been choosed for a member of management of Southern Acossiation of Polish Bartenders, where I was a managing for four years.

Year 1998 brought me many successes and on 27th of January in Forum Hotel in Cracow in eliminations for Euro-Absolut Cup with drink named Green Bull I achieved III place of 36 participants. I was promoted to the finals in Victoria Hotel in warsaw with international cast. I received there the certificate of Absolut Vodka. During the same year in march also in victoria Hotel took place the First Unofficial Polish Bartenders Championship in Freestyle. I got silver medal and runner-up title. As a result of thoose champinonship I was offered a contract with Unicon Bols during summer. At the end of 1998 I have decided to work in Ambasador Hotel in Zabrze as a bar manager. The 1999 was the year of succesesses for myself namely: on 26th of March in Palace of Culture and Science – I won Championship of Poland. In May I won in the eliminations for World Championship Shakery ’99 in Club „Labirynt” in Warsaw. On 4th of July during Malaga Grand Prix Bacardi & Martini – the first success of polish bartender in foreign flair competition. I achieved there III place in tasting and V place in general classification. In 2000 in March I have became tha main judge during Polish Championship and in September I became the „Bartender of the decade” granted from PBA. In October I have started my adventure with with Prohibition at Marek’s Konrad, which lasted two years. In September 2001 I achieved II place in prestiguous competition „Tropical Summer Drink” in Sypniewo, it is worth to mention cause I was right behind World Champion.

18th of December 2001 is the important date for my career in view of start of my Bartender’s Training Centre and since 2002 I have started trainings for bartenders all over Poland under my own „flag”. According to my personal training, which is supported by 15 years of experience working in bars in Poland, Europe and Asia. Continuation of working at Marek’s Konrad Prohibition Białobrzegi 2002-2004. In September 2005 I was invited for the Dilmah Tea Drink program in Colombo (Sri Lanka). In period January-July 2009 – Trainings for Gourmet Food distribution of Dilmah tea and continuation of my own Bartenders Training Centre programe. In March 2007 I participated in Tea Congress in Colombo and presentation of my own tea drinks for 94 delegations all over the world. In February I was training bartenders in Ałmaty in Kazachstan and many other cities in that country. Training in schools:

  • Catering- Hotel School in Warsaw Majdańska street
  • Catering- Hotel School in Warsaw Komorska street
  • Catering School in Warsaw Okopowa street Szkoła Gastronomiczna Puck
  • Catering Schools Bytom Szkoła Gastronomiczna Olsztyn
  • High School Nr 3 Wejherowo
  • Catering School in Olsztynek
  • Schools Kształcenia Ustawicznego in Rawa Mazowiecka
  • Centrum Kształcenia Praktycznego in Małkinia Górna
  • College Schools in Malinowo
  • Catering school in Opole Lubelskie
  • Catering Schools in Łomża
  • Catering- Hotel School in Chełm
  • Catering Schools in Pułtusk
  • Technical Schools nr1 in Biała Podlaska
  • Catering Schools in Lidzbark Warmiński
  • Catering Schools in Orneta
  • College Schools Nr.1 Łuków
  • College Schools Nr.3 Łuków
  • College Schools Centrum Kształcenia Rolniczego in Golądkowo
  • CollegeSchools Centrum Kształcenia Rolniczego in Gołotczyzna

One of more important places that I was carring out the trainings were: Hotel „Victoria” in Warsaw, „Belvedere” in Zakopane, „Hilton” in Warsaw, „Sheraton” in Cracov and Poznań, „Amber Baltic” in Międzyzdroje, „MDM” and „Metropol” in Warsaw, „Klimek” in Muszyn, „Dr. Irene Eris” in Krynica, Dylewskie Hills and Polanica Zdrój, Hotels „Qbus” in Cracov, Gdańsk, Kielce, Głogów and Łódź, Hotel „Hotton” in Gdynia, „Promenada” Hotel Villa Port Ostróda, Hotel „Artis” in Zamość, „Termy Pałacowe” in Nałęczów, „Król Kazimierz” in Kazimierz Dolny, Hotel Tiffi and Stary Tartak in Iława.


Z.: president, bartender. NF.: Polish Freestyle Section with ZG Polish Bartenders Association. AS.: 41-962 Tąpkowice – OSSY, Leśna 39 street. DU.: Czeladź, 26.08.1967. R.: Józef i Teresa. ZP.: mother, passioneted of her sons activity, mother of 3 bartenders. W.: 1982-85 Catering School, certificate of International Bartenders Association, 1998 pedagogical course next to Cech Rzemiosł Różnych in Nowy Targ. K.: 1985-86 Restaurant – Zajazd „Złota Podkowa” in Tapkowice, 1989-91 Restaurant „Parkowa” in Tarnowskie Góry, 1991-92 boss of team of bartenders and waiters in Disco „Roys”, since 1993 founder of her own business „Party Service”, 1996 barman in Diner Club „Senat”, 1997 co-founder of Cocktail Bar „Renger” in Tarnowskie Góry, 1998-2000 boss of bar in Restaurant „Flesh Club” hotel „Ambasador” in Zabrze, since 2000 bartender in place „Prohibicja” in Częstochowa. DZ.: since 1999 training of new generation of bartender with cooperation of professionals from poland and overseas people, In 2002 founder of Polish Freestyle Academy in Tarnowskie Góry, 2002- 02 vice president PSF Polish Bartenders Association(now president), participation in International Catering Fair „Eurogastro” in Warsaw, participant of PBA competition „Polska Złota Jesień Wódek Gatunkowych” in Gdańsk, participant of many shows and demonstrations of bartending art of freestyle. SO.: father of polish freestyle polskiego freestile’a (demonstration of alternative of preparing long-cocktails), in 1996 III place in „Hennessy” bartendrs competition(about knowledge of cognac), In 1998 inauguration of professional career of freestyle show in „Sheraton” hotel in Warsaw, In 1998 taking part in I unofficial Polish Bartenders Championship in freestyle and becoming runner up, In 1999 I place in above Championship, V place in World Championship „Grand Prix” Martini Bacardi in Malaga(first Pole). H.: mixology, good movie, collection of tousands of recipes of cocktails.

Information from encyklopedia Who is Who in Poland 2003.